Topwater's & Tails
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Hunting Fishing / Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Topwater's & Tails

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

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Hot fishing on a little cool down combined with some barrel bending on waterfowl reminds us just how special this time of year is and all the things we have to be thankful for. The rough weather over the weekend brought us the first decent cool down of the season and a bunch of ducks. First let's get to the fishing. Capt. Chris Cady had nailed down a solid topwater scouting on Friday and his words were "go with a topwater and don't take it off". Saturday's trips with bait found Chris and Capt. Kolten Braun hammering back lakes Redfish on a half day outing Saturday in and around the rain. Chris said he found the fish sitting on sand/grass in a windward cove and it was just a meltdown with as many as four fish on at a time and a very aggressive bite. Capt. James Eastep stuck with topwaters and soft plastics but it slowed way down from the day before and conditions were pretty rough with the weather. 

Duck Scene

Capt. Kolten Braun reported "silly" Pintail action over flooded back lakes grass with Gadwal and Wigeon showing up as well. We had some guests in late week looking for a species specific shoot seeking Black Bellied Tree ducks. That's a tall order as the squeelers are very hard to pattern and just don't act like ducks. Capt. Jake Huddleston knocked it out of the park taking three of the specimens and then unleashing the guns to full limits on a mixed bag of puddlers including a handful of Redheads. 

Lodge News

We're heading into the Thanksgiving stretch with a busy schedule of fishing and waterfowl hunting. We really appreciate everyone coming down to experience Fall on the coast and a special holiday season.
A great partnership has come together again as Castaway Lodge and WP Construction come together again. Last week we awarded Will Pope and his team two contracts for new facilities totalling nearly 10,000 sf of comfort and affordable convenience. We are very excited to team up with Will and his crew again as we develop our bayou property. It's a special place adjacent to our existing operations with massive greenbelts; bayou frontage; and has taken our footprint to nearly 2.5 acres within the City of Seadrift; and, has added miles of protected Kayaking Trail all the way to the bay. We'll be updating our progress from time to time so stay tuned.

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Castaway Lodge
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