Calm Winds & Following Seas
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Calm Winds & Following Seas

Sight casting to fish and blind casting under less than ideal conditions to structure is a classic approach among Seadrift Fly Fishing guides. Fly rods offer delicate approaches to foraging fish requiring a bit more ideal conditions. Crossing over to light tackle spinning or bait cast rods rigged light for similar presentation is a lot of fun on the blustery days. Join us for a day on the poling skiffs as we silently move through the shallows and shorelines looking for trophy class fish. Check out SBF

Fishing Report

The winds finally broke on Thursday of last week just as we had a fly fishing trip approaching on Friday with Capt. John Humbert on the platform. Mid-bay structure formerly buried in 3' chop and off color water is now looking good with green water and swarms of foraging Trout. Redfish action has hit it's seasonal swale on lighter winds as the fish get a little relief from relentless pressure. Capt. James Cunningham and The Wolf Pack have been reporting fast and furious action over shell pads in 2 to 4' of water with solid Trout numbers hitting the deck. Other venues are opening up as well including offshore with Capt. Jeff Garner making a run to the rigs for some fun fishing for Red Snapper.

On the horizon should be more continued days of excellent action in the deeper venues of the open bays. Of course we'll get into the cycle of looking for emerging "afternoon showers" which are always like an old friend on the water. We'll of course be keeping our eyes on the Tropics and look forward to some Tropical Storm activity which always produces some great fishing cycles.

Weather Apps - You may have seen me cuss these things on Facebook. A 10 day forecast on a weather app is about as useless as anything I've ever come across. Please don't buy into anything that these things are putting out there. With all of the rain this Spring, we had only a few minor interruptions the whole time and most of those were mere delays. You might have thought oh my God, I bet they had to reschedule 20 days this Spring....NOT. If you're looking for an excuse not to go fishing, please find something else.

Night Fishing Adventures - Beating The Heat & The Crowds

As we approach the warmer months and some big holidays, keep in mind that there is a whole other world going on out there on the water at night. From Flounder Gigging to boat and wade fishing, it can be just the ticket to keeping over anxious guests on the move or just strategically increasing your chances for success. We are the home to excellent night watermen that will get you right where you need to be to intercept the fish. Check out Night Fishing for more information.

Prime Bait Makes A Difference

We invested in a bait storage holding facility last year for keeping and maintaining select live bait for guests. That insures we're bringing the absolute best bait to bare on a trip. Is this more costly, more labor intensive, more time consuming....YES! Then why do it? The simple answer to that question is "pride and lethality"!

Alligator Season

September 10th through the 30th is always the Texas State Alligator Season. We're looking forward to another record setting year and making some amazing memories with guests as we experience these amazing creatures. Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Check out our [Photo Gallery}(

We've got lots and lots of great fishing ahead of us. So if you're planning a trip, get started HERE.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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Waterfowl Hunting, Ducks, Geese & Cranes

Season dates for the 2018/19 Season will most likely start on 11/3 and the first split will run through 11/25. We will re-open on 12/8 and run through 1/27/19. We Winter a large portion of the Central Flyway and our Big 5 are Pintail, Wigeon, Gadwall, Redheads, and all species of Teal. November and the back half of December are excellent months for Cast & Blast combinations.

Kayak Fishing & Touring Pack Trips

We're geared up for your next insertion into the wilds of the Texas mid-coast! From glamping and romance to straight up long range wilderness camping excursions, we'll lead the way for an effortless insertion and extraction. Tours and guided fishing trips, relaxation, and the best adventures and "quick disconnect" anyone could ask for are right out the back door! TKS

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