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Dominating The Boards, Trout Rebound

Dominating The Boards, Trout Rebound

Winds have been elevated and holding us back a little. Mother Nature has a way of throwing a protective blanket over the fishery at times. These times can last for days or months on end. June 8th of 2009 through August 22nd of 2009 was one of those periods. We were plagued by drought; bay waters pushing 10 psu saltier than the Gulf; and 25 plus knot winds all day and 20 knot winds all night. Forget about government imposed limits, "natural limits" were the law of the period.

With plenty of freshwater coursing into the bays, drought will not be at issue this summer. Wind and turbidity will more than likely be things to keep an eye on. We've been staying around half to near limits of late with some impressive Trout coming to hand. Late week, we welcomed the 4th Annual Norm Invitational here at The Lodge. Norm Stuemke taught in a one room school house in the Austin area and some of his students travel great distance to honor him. Capt. James and I had the honors. I managed to get some advantage on the wind with a "dirty bite" right off the bat over shell in off color water. We ended up with a little better than half limits to 19". Capt. James hit the wall right off the bat struggling with any action over a variety of structures including shell and mud/grass.


Capt. Chris Cady managed 30 Trout and 5 Reds on Day 1 for the "CPR Only" trip with Duane M. and family. The guests retained some fish that just weren't going to make it back in the water alive and elected to let the rest go over two days. Capt. Doug Russell managed 1/2 limits on Day 1 with Tim T and "Ricki Dog" working shell on the First Chain of Islands. I managed a little over half limits of Trout on the same structure to 23".


Capt. Chris Cady worked up 25 Trout but fewer Reds amidst deminishing winds for Day 2 of the Duane M. CPR Only trip. With winds laying down and the water attempting to clean up a bit, I expected some improvement in the fishing. I welcomed our CPA, Jim Turlington with Turlington, Reeves, and Orlando from Houston for a family trip. We covered quite a bit of water working shell in SAB and Mesquite Bay to near limits pushing 20". Capt. Dough Russell worked up half limits and an unfortunate number of undersized fish again with the Tim T. party.

Big Week Ahead

We welcome First State Bank of Yoakum; Reliant Energy; Dr. Matt C. and guests; along with Mitch S. and Jay M. with a large corporate group. I don't know if we can pull off "Going Big Early, And Often" but I can tell you we're going somewhere with some kind of frequency

Other Lodge News

I've got to take my hat off in thanks and appreciation for Mr. Larry Prellop with Prellop's Fine Art Gallery on the historic downtown square in Salado, Tx. I've been fishing with Larry and relatives for years. During the Norm Invitational, Larry presented us with a "signed and numbered" print and stamp of the First 1986 Texas Saltwater Stamp by John Cowan. We cannot thank Larry enough for sharing the treasure with us. Please visit Their gallery is home to collectable-grade from notables such as G. Harvey, Martin Grelle, Jack Terry, and Bruce Greene.

Stay safe on the water,

Capt. Kris Kelley
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