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Good Friday, Better Fishing!

Nagging Low Water

We continue to experience a dearth of water and on Good Friday I witness the single largest water drop in the back lakes that I’ve ever witnessed. It’s funny, when the water really dumps out you often thing “man, I’ve never seen it that low”. Chances are you have but, each time the images are somewhat shocking. In talking to an Oysterman the other day, he said “I’ve been on this water for 47 years and I’m telling you I’ve never seen it this low”. I’ve seen years without a Spring Tide and nagging low water all summer. One way or the other, we’ll make the best of it. It is getting late in the day for a big “Spring” push of water but there’s still hope.

That’s A New One On Me

I ran into what felt like pretty reasonable low water levels early on Friday and the tide chart indicated we were on an incoming tide. I factored in the delay from the reading in POC and expected to gain water all day. Well, as sometimes happens, the opposite was occurring. Around 1:30 we were making a run and I noticed that the entire stretch of lakes farthest back and bordering Matagorda Island were “bone dry”. I’m not talking about skinny or sheet water, I’m talking about bone dry and scary looking even for someone in a dry land running airboat like our Air Ranger. I can assure you that I have never seen that before, not on the Island.

Good Friday, Better Fishing

Well whatever was going on with the falling tide was surely good for fishing. With Mark S. and family aboard, we made quick work of solid Redfish from the lower slot to 28.25”. The fish were feeding with “intent to kill” and that made for a lot of excitement on their family day out. Working leeward grass lines produced one of the first “emerging bites” I’ve seen this Spring. I’ve seen a lot of deteriorating bites this Spring but few emerging ones.

The cutest young ladies, Anna 15, Margaret 11, and their brother John 13 did the lions share of the catching with dad Mark enjoying every minute of it. Little Margaret had injured her wrist in a soccer game, reeling hand, and of course was wearing them out. She struggled at first handing the rod off to her dad. After that one, she sucked it up and fought them all herself. Mark said we’re heading to our relatives that live North of New Orleans and we’re having Redfish on the half shell “Cajun style”. Enjoy!



Letting The Yeti Out Of The Bag!

We are very pleased to announce our association with Yeti Coolers and would like to welcome them to our Sponsor Spotlight. We’d like thank the owner, Mr. Ryan C. for getting behind us here at Castaway Lodge and making that happen! I’m very excited about this association and I can tell you Yeti will be right at home with “the best of the best” sponsors here at The Lodge!

On another note, Pure Fishing has asked us to emphasize “their family” labels rather than “Pure Fishing” itself. So, you will see Pure Fishing has been removed and we will slowly be adding their powerful brands that we’ve come to rely on to the Sponsor Spotlight. It won’t be a shocker to see Penn reels or Berkley line and baits added I’m sure.

Power Pole, JL Marine Systems, Inc.

Special thanks to Lenny G. for getting my new pole on the way to Chris’s Marine.

Bob’s Machine Shop

Special thanks to Mr. Steve P. and his staff, at Bob’s Machine Shop, for doing such great work on these high performance plates. They just shipped out my new 6” Lightweight to Chris’s Marine.

Haynie Boats & Mercury Marine

These components will find their way onto a 24 Haynie Cat Daddy with a Mercury 225 Pro XS in coming weeks. I can’t wait to get her on the water!

Castaway Rods

Special thanks for getting the HP3 Series SCH8-X rods to us quickly! So far, they have been a life changer on the flats.

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