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Nine Line Bind"

Despite the challenges of the day, the crew from OTM Roofing had a banner day on Redfish pushing 26”. With extremely low water, we again focused on fish “pooled” up in a number of locations working bait over mud pockets. The guests were having a bachelor party and I’ve got to hand it to them, the fishing was a serious endeavor and all hands were on deck. The fish did their part to keep us out of a "nine line bind" and "bowed-up like show dogs".

Mid-week looked pretty typical of late, gutted low water with vast expanses of “too skinny, too barren, and too fishless” stretches of the back marsh. Emergent grasses have “yet to emerge” in many venues and I almost think we’ve gone backwards on grass growth lately. Yellow ground means “don’t waste your time”, no grass, no fish. It’s been an interesting transition over the last year.

Changing Environment

With grasses receding, it has pushed fish closer to the bay in the deeper grass laden areas unaffected by salinity, cold, and the likes. It threw me for a loop last Fall and has taken me until this Spring to get a lot of it sorted out. Old patterns are re-emerging but in a different “tier” of the back lakes.

Drought stricken with severe saline levels last year did a tremendous amount of “rearranging” to the fishery in my opinion. Seadrift’s Blue Crab bounty is someone else harvest at present. Our Blue Crab population has dropped to levels that are breaking the industry and dependent wildlife.

Rising Water Levels, Matches & Gasonline

We gained a steady and constant +/-6” of water on Saturday igniting a surge of larger fish heading for the back country on the Island. Despite slick conditions Saturday, fish in excess of 28” were feeding feverishly in depths of less than a foot of water from the Island to the Delta.

Saturday/Sunday Report

Capt. Steve Boldt and Capt. Chris Cady reported “solid limits” from the Mission Bay and Hynes area fishing the Ben R and Jim S. parties. I had my hands full with fish averaging 26” to oversize with the Beau C. party back on the Island. Average size again took another leap on Sunday as a brisk cold front whipped the fish into a feeding frenzy. Capt. Steve Boldt texted me with the news he was “over the top” in upper SAB fishing the Ben R party and mashing barbs about mid-way through my first stop which yielded 5 “solids” to 27”.

Heading Into March Not April

While the calendar says we’re heading into April, my estimation is we are just approaching March “condition wise”. While Stingrays are thick as thieves and have been in the back country, I saw my first Hard Head today along with a very few Pin Perch. This is a sure sign that “we’re heading into Spring”.

Best wishes and continued luck in your fishing.

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