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Platinum Blondes & Strawberry Reds


The Lodge welcomed Kelly C. and family for a multi-boat trip on Saturday. Friday’s winds steady at 25 knots and gusting to 30 were replaced on Saturday with something a little more tolerable. Water conditions actually began improving slightly from the damage done on Friday and the fishing wasn’t perfect but, it was better than expected with both boats working mud/grass in what little decent water was available. 
Transitional moves for Trout are being met with strong opposition from water conditions and wind. Colonies of Trout headed for deeper shell during warm water periods appear to have “not” made the jump as of yet as water temps have remained cooler relative to recent years. This seems to be due to the non-stop processional of cold and cool fronts we have seen deep into this Spring. By this time last year, according to Texas A&M Universities CBI data, we had already seen 86 degree water temperatures with one to two degree fluctuations during the overnight hours. As of this writing, our water temperatures have yet to pass 84 degrees and we currently have about a 4 degree variation during overnight hours. 
According to Capt. Kris Kelley, this seems to be a May like we used to have traditionally. The exception has been the last couple of years where water temperatures have warmed earlier and the fishing exploded along with it. He thinks it will be characterized by hammering winds, scalding and hot out of the South during the majority of the month with things easing a bit toward the last week of May and first of June. We are looking for transitional approaches to take hold and for fishing to break wide open at that time. 
Come home when you can!
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