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Predatory "Bending"


The jagged May transition continues and we are making the best of it. Feet dry boat fishing approaches saved the day for many. Wade fishing showed signs of promise only to be followed by inconsistency and tough sledding late week. 
Bait condition is terrible right now and supplies are irrelevant at present. The demand for finfish stocks is high but the bait is mostly immature and isn’t responding well to captivity. What is available wouldn’t make it into most live wells under normal circumstances. However, as it is now, that’s what you’ve got and you have to make the best of it.
Near Term Forecast
You can take this straight to the bank: “When things start to line up as they should, i.e., bait condition stabilizes, weather and water conditions approach seasonal norms, fishing is going to go off the charts”. If my logs tell any story, it is that we are not more than a week or two away from this at present.
Lodge News
My hat is off to Capt. Steve Boldt for going above and well beyond for The Lodge and our clients during the past week.
On a sad note, Wendi is on probation for crippling our Corporate guests with a Dungeness Crab, Gulf Shrimp, and homemade sausage, corn, and new potato boiling pot, Cajun Style! The next night she served up Dungeness Crab & Shrimp aps along with our famous "hand cut" Ribeyes cooked to order, stuffed baked potatoes, her "now famous" Caesar Salad, and homemade Brownies for desert. No good deed goes unpunished.
We’d like to thank our guests over the past week including Navasota Energy, Crestview Minimax of Austin, Texas Air Systems, SB Investments, Turlington, Reeves, & Richard, CPA of Houston, and Pesado Construction. Thanks for the memories!
Client Comments
Kris, you’ve got to understand that we’ve hunted and fished the entire world over at the most lavish resorts and facilities available. What matters most is a customer friendly atmosphere with good people that we enjoy visiting with. You’ve got that in spades.
Kris & Wendi, thank you so much for a wonderful time and especially for two of the best meals I've ever had. We can't wait to come back, if you ever open a restaurant, it will be even sooner!
Kris & Wendi, it's been a decade of the most unbelievable fishing and camaraderie. How you could ever top that, we don't know. All I can say is, this trip has been "outstanding". 
Ron P.
Come home when you can!
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