"Flat Fish Two Step"
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Flat Fish Two Step"

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

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Flounder Gigging
Going nocturnal has been the theme of late with lots of Flounder Gigging trips including a two night trip with Mike's Landscaping from Houston.  I mentioned adding flounder boats to the arsenal with Capt. Pat Lester at the helm and that's supporting our staff of Guided that like to hit them on foot in shin deep waters and hard bottoms.  Capt. James Cunningham put the crew from Mike's Landscaping right on them last night taking full limits with the fish stacked tight on the shorelines.  Capt. Pat nailed them as well on the boat.  This is a great venue as an add on night trip after a great day of fishing or a stand alone trip if you want to beat the heat.  Call us for details.

Airboat Redfishing & Big Water BayFishing Action
Ups and downs with Trout still in the cross hairs for wade fishermen.  Anglers opting to boat fish have been dealing with various attitudes from the Redfish from aggressive to complacent.  Capt. Chris Cady's airboat trip yesterday found lots of Redfish hung up in pockets of the back lakes and ultra shallow.  "We had a heck of a time trying to catch them, they just weren't feeding well at all" was his comment.  Capt. Donnie Heath managed to put some solid Redfish on the boat working first time coastal anglers Adam P. and his son Christian. There's nothing much like the big pull of a Redfish when in shallow waters and Donnie said "I looked up and Christian was about to be dragged out of the boat by a solid 27" fish that caught him off guard".  He managed to regain his balance and landed that bruiser for a nice picture.  

New Sportsmen's Complex 
It can be a little frustrating when you're pulling all the new wiring together of the inner workings of a facility especially when dealing with high quality hand crafted furniture built in India and then shipped across the ocean.  I tell you though, the wait was well worth it as our new Indian Rosewood tables made it too us "White Gloved" from Sierra Living Concepts in Ca.  What a fantastic experience from start to finish.  No veneers on this stuff and it's absolutely gorgeous.  We're getting closer to our vision of a great backdrop and experience for our guests!  This new focal point at the lodge is a massive new indoor dining/conference facility capable of seating 40 guests and then there's the Bayou Complex.  We've grown from a half acre footprint to 3.5 acres and 700' of water frontage on Haley's Bayou; lighted pavilions and horseshoe pits; Hill Country Flagstone Bayou Fireplace; a massive family room for cards & dominos or kicking back and relaxing; full size beds for couples; accommodations for 40 guests rich with Texas hospitality in a "Coastal Casual" atmosphere that our guests have come to know and love; and, the best staff and guides in the business.
Check dates and inquire at TEXAS STAYCATION</b>

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The Fishing Is Always Best When YOU Can Get Away!!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
E-mail: kris@seadriftbayfishing.com 
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