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First Chain Shark Attack, 44 Magnum Barking, Brenham Dream Team

Big winds continue to crush open Trout water. This has led some to give up on Trout altogether and focus on Redfish. When you’ve got a “Dream Team” of Trout fishermen arriving, for them, Redfish just aren’t an option. The Lodge welcomed the crew from a little town famous for a “little creamery” and a Trout fishing “Dream Team”, yes, that would be Brenham. John, his son Greg, Dr. Gary A, Greg A, John H. and the newest member, Walt “Troutmaster” S. arrived at The Lodge with winds banging out of the South.

The boys dug in on Day 1 to come up with a little better than 1/3 limits on fish to 21” amid horribly gutted water and extreme winds. Capt. James Cunningham said, our hard head floaters have got a 5 to 6’ shark taking them like “topwaters”. Well, that’s just not conducive to center up a bunch of Trout for a “smoke n roll”. What the shark didn’t know was that his days were numbered when he met James. On Day 2, winds went to an even higher level but James said “we’re going to get that Shark”. “I’m bringing out the big gun”. James brought a shark rod and some balloons and started firing out bludgeoned Hardheads beneath the balloon. James said “he took it about 4 times but kept feeling the tension of the balloon and spitting it”, “on one pass, he took it 4’ from the boat and cut a huge gash in the water when he blew off”. James pulled the balloon off the leader and grabbed a handful of line and hurled the bait down wind “freelined” in an attempt to go “old school” on him. “I was grabbing a bait for a client when I heard him take the bait while the rod was in a rod holder. I grabbed the rod and let him run with it for a bout 20’ of line and then we “engaged” him and it was ON! Greg S. grabbed the rod and went to working on him. Greg said “at one point I eased up on him and the rod got a little limp, then he nearly jerked me out of the boat and that’s when I kept the pressure on the whole way”! “You’re fixing to hear the big dog bark” James said as we were down wind of his boat about a half mile. Sure enough, the sound of a 44 Magnum rang across the First Chain of Islands warming the heart like talking to an old friend.

With all that commotion, me and the rest of the Dream Team were steadily working on Trout to 20”. At one point, I thought we’d finally hit a vein and had a steady bow-up session in progress. Unfortunately, most bites in big winds and gutted water are disintegrating in nature and sure enough, we could only manage 8-10 before they shut down. We ended up with 17 Trout which was a little better than half limits. That looks just about like a homerun right now.

Castaway Lodge News

It’s a big finish to the week as The Lodge welcomes Arnold H. and son; Dr. Matt C. and family; Tammy C. and family. We've also got a pow-wow of the States leading environmental lobbyist/activist/attorney and Houston based real estate icons.

Come home when you can!

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