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For Sale: "Waterfront Property In Arizona"

Rather than try to peddle some waterfront property in Arizona, I'll just say that fishing isn't going as well as we would like it. Things looked hot straight and normal or "reasonable" around Wednesday and then pretty much flat-lined for us from there to present. I'm guessing that the Full Moon might have something to do with it along with large volumes of freshwater re-arranging concentrations we'd been working previously. Friday and Saturday found me scouting more than anything and I wouldn't say it was "productive". By all accounts, wade fishing shorelines is going better than boat fishing mid-bay and associated structure. I've been there and seen that before and a transition amidst a changing landscape can leave a lot of sweat in the trenches.

Multi-tasking a lodge oeration can find me wearing any of a dozen hats at any one time. Bottom line, I choose to fish. Coming off this latest stretch of fishing, I smile at the thought that "I'm not as good as I once was". Running and gunning with a bunch of waterborn mercenaries half my age finds me in the crosshairs with regularity. Everyone wants to kick the old mans can. There will come a day when that will happen , until then, the youngsters will find an invaluable historical resource and guidance. Style and approach comes by example and leadership, and they will find mine on the water everyday. Due to this schedule, unfortunately some might find a weakness in my writing in terms of frequency and/or quality or meaningfulness. No complaints from someone living the dream. Just expect that an inability to communicate effectively can come with the territory. For that, I apologize at present and in advance.

Castaway Lodge News

There has been some additions to the Sponsor Spotlight including Penn Reels and Custom Marine Concepts Aluminum Fabrication. Penn is a part of the Pure Fishing family and is a brand we all can appreciate. Fishing the Sargus models, we are learning what a drag on a spinning reel is supposed to function like (very impressive) and the aluminum body seems to be a rugged competitor. CMC, what can you say about Glenn and his team that you don't already know. Their artistry and metal work concepts are an enduring testiment to visionary "functionality" and design.

Alligator Hunting

For some its a little early to consider the September 10th through 30th season "around the corner". For others, they will find their names on our books with scheduled hunts during the period. We are about 60% booked at this point and wouldn't mind putting the remainder to bed in coming weeks. At present, you could say the guest list is "distinguished" as we will be welcoming 2Coolfishing founder Mont in for a hunt. I've never seen a Harley Davidson with Alligator skin seats but I can bet it's going to be stunning. If you would like to join us, please contact us at your convenience.

Dove/Teal & Fishing Combos

Along with Gator season, we will find us busy with Teal and Dove hunting combination trips. By all accounts, Dove Season looks to be opening in the South Zone around September 17th. There seems to be a 16 day Teal Season in the works and we are looking at a possible September 11th opener. We will keep you posted on this.

See you "on the water", best wishes in your fishing travels.

Capt. Kris Kelley
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