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Ribs, Bruised not Brazed, Trout to 23" & Reds to 29

Predictions & Predications

We had really high water levels as of Saturday and I didn't think there was any possible way this latest front could make much of a dent in that. The front that came through on Saturday saw a bay gutting water level drop of over 6" by Monday. Capt. Doug reported water gushing out of the back lakes with both Trout and Redfish working mud/shell and sand near back water drains and outlets. Doug said they found fish in the bayous as well as the mouths out front with a decent bite on soft plastics while wade fishing. Capt. James E. has been working some traditional later spring locations and finding advanced patterns as I have been discussing with both Trout and Redfish showing up on SAND/GRASS. He is still using soft plastics and paddle tails, not working tops much as of yet. This correlates with advanced indicators I'm seeing in the back marshes as well.

Prediction: Fish locations and the structure they are gravitating to is going to be well advanced on the calendar requiring a mental shift forward in approach. We are probably going to see a topwater bite break loose anytime coinciding with water temperatures currently at 62 and climbing as the frontal systems get farther apart heading for that magical 70 degree mark. At the rate we're going, we could see that in early March. I'm looking for bait supplies to bolster this prediction as well. Talking to some of the camps, live shrimp should start showing up in good supply here in the next week. Push that forward and we will probably be looking at Croaker hitting the camps early as well, maybe by late April or Early May.

Predication: All this is going to be dependent upon waning cold snaps and big chilly wind events with more days of warming sun and less cold and overcast. And, I'm not too sure that even that is going to hold these fish back.

Backbreaking Rib Buster

Despite a big water drop in the back marshes, swarming schools of Black Drum and Redfish made for a great day on the water Monday. We picked up a decent SE at 10-15 and found an aggressive bite over mud/grass working bait. Saturday's fish had made a pretty good move with water levels dropping to less than 4" by Monday in locations where they had been foraging. Pools and swales held solid numbers of mixed schools which led to a thrashing for our guests from Brenham. We ended up with full limits of Redfish to 29" releasing a couple of low end slots along the way with full limits of Black Drum in the 17-22" class.

Dennis K. - "From the food to the accommodations, to the fishing and fellowship, it just doesn't get any better".

John H. - "Kris, it's all about relaxation and having some fun for us and you guys make it happen everytime. If we catch a few fish while we're at it, that's even better!"

Greg A. - "What an awesome trip Double K".

It's HUMP day, have a great rest of the week and come see us when you get a chance.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge


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