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Sierra Lima Tango Foxtrot

For any Whooping Crane fanatics, outmigration occurred sometime between the afternoon of April 6th and the morning of April 7th. Running the back marsh over April 5 and 6 I was astounded at the numbers and range of Whoopers on the Island. The majestic birds were everywhere including mature adults with first and second year offspring close by. I guess the combination of Full Moon and a nice Southerly breeze inspired them to make tracks for the northern reaches of their range.

On the fishing scene, it's all pretty much a blur at this point, we had some solid Trout catches coming Friday for Capt. James C. and the back marsh beat struggling on high tides and pretty much a full moon knock down in the bite. We ended up fishing straight through Easter and having a blast with Kerry E.; Scott C.; and Tim T. and his special guest Sabra along with her son Chantz from Marble Falls. This was Chantz's first go around on the coast and at age 13 we managed to introduce him nicely to catching fish. The young man managed some nice Redfish and Black Drum including a bruising oversized Redfish coming in at 31". Sabra's turning into a fishing machine as well and all I can say is "She Loves To Fish".

Trout are coming off of shell with Redfish and Black Drum on mud/grass. Fish concentrations in the back marsh have thinned out which is advanced relative to the calendar. Gone are the full blown herds of Redfish and Black Drum but there is still enough action to go along with just an enjoyable outing in the rich environment.

We welcomed Fred C. and wife in from Dallas for a coastal getaway meltdown yesterday. My wife and I can certainly appreciate the need to decompress and it really feels good to be able to make that happen for folks.

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday and that the start of the week was a good one. Come see us when you can.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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