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Ticker: REDS, Position: Long (Testing Lows)

There are lots of weather strategies to consider during this month as we move toward Spring. We gather as much information as we can and then hope for the best. We have to step out of the box right now and be prepared to adjust timing and approaches. A week in advance of a trip, you can take the forecast with a grain of salt. About two days out is time to focus and then adjust and position for the trip. Then be prepared to advance, strike, or delay depending upon what's happening on the day. 

This was never more evident than with the cold front that passed through early on Saturday. Weather related client phone calls started around Tuesday. On Thursday, I visited the weather with them and gave them my "two cents". With relatively new clients, they made a gutsy call that I had some idea what I was doing by recommending and preferring to fish Saturday over Sunday in better weather. I told them it was a gutsy call on their part and I appreciated the vote of confidence in taking my advice. 

We hung out at the lodge until about 8:30 when the rain let up and then hit the water. The winds had yet to really pick up so I made a few conservative approaches to see just how bad it was going to get. I pretty quickly came to a conclusion that there wasn't going to be a big wind blast with the fronts initial arrival so we got more adventurous. It was overcast and there was a lot of water piled up in the bay so seeing fish was pretty tough. We muddled through a few slow blind stops taking a Red here and a Drum there. As the clouds broke a little and visibility improved slightly, I was seeing fish a little better. Some locations with lots of fish turned out lack luster while other areas with less impressive obvious concentrations proved pretty brutal on Redfish to 27" and Black Drum in the 20" range. 

Patterns are very advanced for February so you better move the playbook up about a month or so. Our trees and plantings here at The Lodge knew it was going to be an Early Spring about 3 weeks ago. As it turns out, so did the fish!

New Cats In Town

Capt. James E. just dropped my new 24' Haynie Cat in the driveway fresh from CMC Aluminum Fabricators and she's looking gorgeous. His new Haynie Cat is in metal work at CMC as we speak and should be done end of this week. We can't thank everyone enough for pulling these rigs together in such timely fashion. From the great people at Mercury Marine to Bryan and Scott over at Chris's Marine to Mike, Kyle and the guys over at JC Custom and Haynie boats here in Seadrift; Chris Mapp at Coastal Bend Marine and Glenn up at CMC Aluminum Fabricators along with all the good folks at JL Marine makers of Power Pole and Bob's Machine Shop. Thanks to you all for everything you do to get us on the water and keep us out front!

We hope you have a great week, come see us!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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