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"Of Back Lakes & Lizards"

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

Back Lakes Beat

Redfish action by airboat in the back lakes of Matagorda has been heating up of late. Capt. Chris Cady reported "just remarkable" action on solid slot Redfish in a variety of conditions. Big water approaches by bay boat have found us pulling the "Redfish Playbook" with winds pushing mid-20's and some tough water conditions. So, it only makes sense that he would be seeing some drag burning action on farther back and out of the wind especially on this flood tide. 

Redfish saved the day on my boat the last couple of days with solid fish pushing the boundaries of the slot. We had some nice fish including some "tournament heartbreakers at 27 7/8 and 27 1/2". These pigs were slamming baits and pinging the braid in the wind. I call this "fish on harmonics" and that's a great sound to hear. 

Capt. Chris will be making another run at the back country tomorrow and the set-up is just about as perfect as you could hope for. Hopefully this ole full moon won't bother them too much. A cold front pushing deep into "near Oklahoma country" has got our winds pegged to the wall. Water condtiions deteriorated even further today with most real estate garholed. Best action came as we hit "mid-tide" and a few things started to pattern. That's when we jumpbed and managed to out produce the wade fishing group. 

Alligator, Teal, Dove & Plenty of Fishing

We are wrapping up the few remaining available slots for the 2013 Texas Alligator Season at this time. If your are interested in some big Texas Lizards, please contact us to schedule. It's about time to get the guns out of the closet, we are scheduling Teal & Dove combinations for September at this time. Check dates and inquire at

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Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
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