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Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

We just finished our 4th episode of Castaway TV. Check it out. We're going over fishing results from mid-week trips; Teal hunting action the last couple of days along with Big Lizard news hot out of the swamp. We've got a heavy slate over the weekend with guests from all over Texas and as far away as Ft. Worth so stay tuned. We will be recapping this weekends action early next week with Episode 5.

Fishing Scene

If you can't watch a video because you are at work, fishing action heated up as the Full Moon waned yesterday as I welcomed Chevron Houston's Jose R. and guest Bronson from AL. We managed full limits of Redfish including a rib bruising 30" flat burner. We didn't exactly "slam" them but we managed to catch a few then made some productive moves and enjoy some solid rod bending. We switched over to Trout working popping/cork Gulps under area birds but came up with nada on the keeper spectrum. There were lots of small Trout working shrimp and I think a few more cool snaps might heat this up and make it worth focusing on. Tides are coming up, we've got some water back and that is always a plus.

Teal Hunting

Capt. Jake has been knocking down full lims by 7:00am the last couple of days as the early birds seem to have re-fortified over area flats. We've got a couple of sugar spots along the creek that we've been holding back and they are swarming with Teal.

Gator Hunting

Mid-week we were pulling 6-8' gators with Shane H. and guests from San Antonio. Thursday morning, Capt. Jake called to let me know he hit a solid 12' Gator for returning client Rocky and guests from British Columbia. Doug and Katie F. are in today from SA and looking for lizards in the 9' range and Capt. Kevin thinks the feed will intensify here on the waning moon.

Big Weekend

We've got returning guests Steve C. and a 12 man crew in from Ft. Worth for a Teal/Fish combination. Capt. Jake and Capt. Kevin have the honors on the Teal with Capt. James C.; Capt. James E; and, Capt. Doug Russell looking for some smoke poling action on the water fishing. Follow that up with another 6 groups in Alligator hunting, real exciting trips pulling 4-6' Gators with youngsters, father/son & father/daughter trips. That should be a blast. Lonny A. in from Austin with his son will be looking to pull in something a little more challenging in the 10' range. We're also welcoming in Andy S. and guests from H-town for fishing Sunday.

Then the KNG Hurricane hits Sunday evening as we welcome the big boys, Randal, Rick, Kelly, musical guest Hobson Smith and crew from Pursuit Channel's Killin & Grillin for a Teal/Fish combination. Glad I took typing in High School!

Come See Us and have a very safe and enjoyable weekend!!!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
Seadrift, Texas


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