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Seadrift's Gone "Texywood"

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

We just finished up production on Castaway TV Episode 5 with as many highlights as we could bring muster from late week and weekend trips. Capt. Doug and Capt. James E. get burned by an inconsiderate boater, how does that turn out for him, you'll have to tune in to find out! Hopefully you'll like it, with a pair of "Seadrift Ropers" appearing in the Youtube Video thumbnail, it's gotta be authentic! This isn't Hollywood meets Seadrift, however, we're going Hollywood and Texas Country as we welcomed the cast and crew of KNG "Pursuit Channels Killin N Grillin a few hours ago with Randal, Rick, Hobson Smith enroute, Jeff Griffith and JG Jr. arriving tomorrow.

If you aren't into video, check out this recap:

Funny, I had a client call in a couple of weeks ago and ask me "what do we do if it's raining"? I chuckled and replied, "if it's raining, we're going to dance in it while we catch fish"! Of course, on that trip, the rain wasn't an issue. On Sunday, however, I had fishing duties while all other guides were working on alligator/Teal hunts. I got my wish let me tell ya, and dancing we did, with Redfish to 26". We got on a few early despite slick wind conditions working with bait over mud/shell. We bumped and struck out, bumped and hit a solid 26, and then I went shallower burning up some fish over mud. We went to working on them but still didn't hardly have a breath of wind but managed to catch 3 on a grind. Then a pretty good squall came at us with some wind. I said "hang on boy, it's going to get busy". I expected the bite to escalate quickly but that didn't happen as quick as I thought it would. About 30 minutes into the driving "horizontal wind and rain" they popped off and it was a calf scramble from one end of the boat to the other. One of the youngsters on the boat was so glad to see that 12th fish hit the box, he was very much "done with fishing in the rain"!

Teal/Fish Combination

Capt. Jake and Kevin managed to knock out full limits for the Steve C. 12 man group visiting for a Teal/Fish combination. Capt's. James; James E; and Capt. Doug dialed in on Redfish in SAB with some success. Capt. James C. managed 9 of his 12 Reds with Capt. James E. and Capt. Doug running into a slower bite with lots of undersized and lots of folks thrashing the water Saturday.

Gator Hunting


What had been a sluggish feed on the part of the big lizards since the kick off of the season on 9/10 turned into a "feeding frenzy" as the full moon waned late week. Doug and Katie F. from SA managed to pull their 6 and 8' gators Friday with Cory and that was just the beginning. Two groups of father/sons Tanner K. and Victor S. both had a great hunt with their youngsters and Cory. They both had their first experience with alligators in the 6' size range and all got their gator. Kyle S. was looking for a 7' and Cory put him on it. Trophy hunter Lonny A. didn't make it with his son but decided to bring his new bride with him. He was looking in the 10' size range and came across an 11'3" beast with Capt. Kevin. He opted for the bruiser and let me tell you, it was impressive.


We welcomed Donnie G. and guest Tommy H. in looking for lizards in the 7 and 8' size range. Capt. Kevin had their number Sunday and both got their lizards. We also welcomed David and Tara P. in for a hunt looking for a solid gator and Cory made short work of it in area full of gators but had been slow in taking the baits.

TV Shows

We had a delay in the arrival of KNG, the hosts of Killin N Grillin (Pursuit Channel #608) ran into delays with another outfitter on "less than productive" alligator hunting and will be arriving this evening instead. We'll be lighting up the gun barrels with Capt. Jake in the morning and hopefully Capt. James C. will smoke some drags mid-day in this weather.

Stay tuned and come see us when you get a chance!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
Seadrift, Texas


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