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Trout to 27" and 5Lbs., Reds Ripping It

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

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Every other day we seem to be catching a break in the winds at some time during the day. Early mornings still find the flags bristling with an intimidating snap and pop as winds hold them horizontal. After break light, however, we seem to be getting a let up left to try to unravel the mysteries of where we can find some decent water. Capt. Jake is reporting quick limits of solid fish to 27" and nearly 5Lbs. when he guesses right as he did Saturday. I found solid fish to 22" inches with some lost heartbreakers pushing 25" yesterday looking at some decent water. We managed fair numbers relative to many but no limits were to be had.

Redfish continue to please working the farthest back stretches by airboat as Capt. Chris Cady reported yesterday. We had some youngsters fishing with their Mom and Dad for a Father's Day gift and that should make for some memories of a lifetime.

Full Moon Bait Read

We are on a full moon right now and that can make for challenges reading bait early. Pre-dawn bait activity is usually strong but once break light hits it goes dormant. There's no need to limit the number of challenges we've faced transitioning into Trout this year, so why stop there.
Things should start to open up moving forward the next several weeks as some semblance of a Summer pattern may emerge. That is when we should get some look at fish moving off shorelines and heading for deeper shell venues.

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